2017 Featured Organization: Hope For Justice

Why we chose hope for justice:

We love that Hope For Justice operates both in the United States, and in places around the world where sex-trafficking is a serious problem and that they work with existing parties to help improve the system. Their restorative work is holistic-based (at least in Cambodia), and their financials are good. We believe that the money raised through the LBD Project would actually make a difference.

About Hope for Justice:

Hope for Justice is committed to rescuing and restoring every victim of modern day slavery with their four part strategy of identifying and rescuing victims, training frontline professionals to identify and refer cases of slavery, advocate on behalf of victims, and provide restorative care to rebuild invididuals futures.

Hope for Justice is operational in Cambodia, Norway, the US and the UK. To find out more about them visit their website here: What We Do, read about their recent successes visit their News page, and/or watch the video below (you can watch more videos on their YouTube Channel here.)


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