Praying and Fasting Through the LBD.Project

Many people get involved in the issue of human trafficking because of what they believe spiritually. Because of this, instead of simply remembering modern slaves each time they put on their black item in the morning, they also pray for justice, exploitation to cease, the work of anti-trafficking organizations, and for the freedom of those affected by human trafficking.

In addition, another way to trailblaze freedom from a spiritual perspective is to see the LBD.Project as a fast—giving up something to help you pray. Read more about this idea here. Some participants have done the LBD.Project for Lent, and some participants have included fasting from food or social media along with their black item.

Churches and the LBD.Project

Although there are people of many religions who participate in the LBD.Project, Christian churches especially have found this as a way to engage their members in living out Biblical Justice.

If you are part of a faith community, this pdf. flyer gives you three ways to help your faith community get involved in the LBD.Project.

Bringing the LBD.Project to Your Church

Once you’ve decided what level of engagement your church can take on, here is an ideal model we’ve seen within a churches to get people involved in the LBD.Project:

LBD.Project for Churches and Communities theLBDProject.org.png
  • Put up a table in February with various LBD.Project brochures and images, and have a sign-up for the 10 Simple Ways To Fight Human Trafficking, 31 Days of Human Trafficking Facts, and LBD.Project registration

  • At the beginning of February have an LBD.Project invitation in your church slides, bulletin, and weekly announcements

  • Throw an event (like a clothing exchange) to talk about human trafficking and invite people to join the LBD.Project

  • Have a former participant talk about their experience doing the LBD.Project for five minutes from stage in February

  • Have a 15 minute meeting directly after your services to answer questions people might have

  • During March, change your announcements and slides to ask your church members to donate $10 to a local anti-trafficking organization or an LBD.Project featured organization

  • In April, share about what God did through the LBD.Project within that year, including stories from people in your church or collect their quotes and share them in slides with pictures of them wearing their black

Interested in doing this with your church next year? Contact us to be reminded.