If you aren't sure if you want to fundraise, you aren't alone! It isn't unusual for participants to choose not to fundraise, but before you make that decision, we really encourage you to think through what is keeping you from doing this. 

Even your ten dollars, and four of your friends' ten dollars can mean the difference between a survivor having that counseling appointment where she has a breakthrough, and where she doesn't. You may not realize the difference your fundraising can make. But some of our partner organizations literally have no money unless firestarters like us bring it to them. Without us, they can't bring freedom to the modern slaves they are working with. 

Your $50 might seem minimal. But combined with mine, hers, and his, we've raised tens of thousands. Even more surprisingly, it isn't unusual for those who actively try to fundraise to hit the $500, if not the $1000 mark. You don't have to be afraid; you aren't alone. We will guide you!


  • Decide which organization you want to fundraise for.

    • If you want to support a featured org, go here

    • If you want to support any of the partnered orgs, then go here

  • Click on the dark rectangle which says "CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO <YOUR CHOSEN ORGANIZATION>".

  • This will bring you to the organization's fundraising page. 

  • Click on "Join the team"

  • Sign up and share! 

  • Save the link in multiple places for easy access, like in a note on your phone

What is next? Get the How To Fundraise In Five Easy Steps pdf. and look at other resources in our media kit.


There is no doubt that creating awareness—being as visible as possible—combined with fundraising is a trailblazer’s quickest path forward to do something about human trafficking. Here are some tips:

  • Set a fundraising goal (you can always up it if you meet it!)

  • Create a personal incentive no one else sees (ex. if you raise $500 you can buy yourself that ethically sourced shirt)

  • Create an external incentive that makes people laugh (ex. if you raise $1000, dye your hair blue, go down a waterslide fully dressed, or grow a beard)

  • Create external incentives that give to your donors (ex. if you donate $, I will give you a personal concert, or jewelry made by survivors) 

  • Follow these tips to fundraising success for the LBD.Project: Helpful Fundraising Hints

One of the best ways you can succeed in fundraising is by sending an email this week and the last week of March.

Here is an Easy pre-made email template to use.