What party will you throw?

Every year, trailblazers throw different parties for the LBD.Project to create awareness, investment, and raise funds for human trafficking organizations. Here are some examples of events that have been done you could also do this year—even if just with a small group of friends:

  • LBD.Project Clothing Exchange (invite friends, ask them to donate $5, share food, talk a little bit about why you care about human trafficking, leave a table out about the LBD.Project, and exchange your clothing)

  • Host a concert (whether it be in your garage or at a rec center)

  • Have a home-business party (bring over each friend who owns a business—from Pampered Chef to Mary-Kay and ask them to donate a percentage of their proceeds to the LBD.Project. Then invite your friends and let them shop around your house.

    Host a documentary screening about human trafficking (five friends in your living room? You can do that!)

  • Ask a local restaurant to donate a percentage of their funds one evening to the LBD.Project’s anti-trafficking organizations. Then bring your friends there to eat!

  • Have a arm-wrestling party. Charge $1 for each arm wrestle between participants and donate it all to the LBD.Project!

Any more ideas? We’d love to hear of them!