Everyone should be free.

If those words resonate with you, we believe you can do this.

If you're already in, JOIN HERE.


We invite you to join us change the world through this simple action! Below you will find our basic methodology on how to participate in the LBD Project. If you have more questions, be sure to go check out our FAQs page because you probably aren't the first person to have asked them!




  1. Register for the LBD.Project here for support and guidance through the month. (Note: even if you are a LBD.Project veteran, you still need to make sure you register for #LBDProject2018!)

  2. Commit to wearing the same black item of clothing in March. Find some ideas here!

  3. Select an anti-trafficking organization (either our Featured Organization, or one of our Partner Organizations) and then you can set up your fundraising page.

  4. Lead the way by making the first donation, then ask those you know to donate $10 (or more) too!

  5. Share a picture of you in that item and/or a story or fact about human trafficking (ideally, daily) using the hashtag #LBDProject2018 or #LBDProject to let those around you know why you are wearing the same thing all the time!


What to expect about the LBD.Project:

  • You don't have to know anything about human trafficking to embark on this project

  • It can be very challenging

  • You might quit

  • You will not be judged for quitting

  • You will always invited to try again if you quit

  • People will likely not donate if you don't talk about it

  • People will not donate unless you actually invite them to donate via all the opportunities

  • You might become discouraged when people don't "like," comment on, or donate when you share, but we have a great community online to help support you

  • Some people might unfriend you (but is that a bad thing, really?)

  • You might feel "out there" and alone--but we are with you and behind you

  • You might wonder why you have so much clothing

  • You might feel inspired to donate all your clothing when you realize you don't need it

  • You might hate your little black dress by the end of the month and feel like burning it

  • You will learn exactly however much you want to about human trafficking

  • You will be proud of yourself if you finish

  • You will be surprised to find out, often years later, that people were watching you

  • By making a public stand, random people eventually find you when they become aware of human trafficking


If we haven't answered your questions yet, and maybe even if we have, go check out out FAQs page to learn more.

You can do this!

By doing this little thing together, we do something great.

Because little things can make a big difference.

Let’s bring FREEDOM! It turns out little (average) people can do big things too.