Did you know kids can do the LBD.Project too?

Most people don’t think of inviting their kids to join them doing the LBD.Project, but sometimes trailblazing freedom needs to start in our own homes. In fact, sometimes kids become more of a trailblazer for freedom that we ever will be!

Giving kids the chance to do the LBD.Project can be one of the most amazing opportunities to talk about real things with them. It gives you a reason to be intentional to have conversations about justice, morals, human rights, and what caring about others looks like. In fact, it also paves the way for you to talk with them about how they too are important, and how you want to give them the tools to be protected from exploitation.

Multiple kids have participated in the LBD.Project—some have done it just for a week—but some have done it the whole month and more than once! This year two of the founder of the LBD.Project’s kids will be participating (ages 11 and 9).

Are they ready?


There are some important things to consider before inviting your kids to join you in the LBD.Project:

  • Don’t force them to do the project. Sure, challenge them to try it for one week if you want, but the project will be lost on them if they don’t want to do it

  • Let them choose their black item—sometimes this is the reason they will do it in the first place!

  • Start with age appropriate conversations:

    • If they don’t know about sex yet, you can talk about labor trafficking instead

    • Don’t shy away from hard conversations, but still use discretion with details. You don’t have to scare them with horror stories and it is okay to be vague, saying something like, “people do things to other people’s bodies without permission, in a way that makes them feel unsafe.”

  • Compare and contrast what slavery looked like in the past to the present

  • Remind them that you love them and will always do whatever you can to keep them safe

  • Focus on empowering your child—show them stories of how people are doing good things to help end bad things, tell them about the good things our featured organizations are doing, let their ideas guide you on what path to trailblaze and help them with it!

If you need a starting point to guide you through conversations with your child through the LBD.Project, you can download the first phase of lessons here for free: Conversations With Your Kids About Modern Slavery. (Note: the full course is scheduled to be rebranded and rewritten and is off the market).