welcome, trailblazer!

We’ve created multiple “paths” for your journey during the LBD.Project, based on how you plan to trailblaze throughout the month. Or, if you’re not sure what to do, the different areas are great to explore to find what’s a right fit for you this year.

Click on any of the images below to be directed to further guides, “how tos,” tips, and support as you trailblaze the way to freedom for those being exploited.

a few things to know as you begin to navigate:


1. Know Your "Why"

The very first part of the LBD.Project is wrapping your head around why you are even doing it. Sure, you don't like human trafficking, but why not? What would you want to be different? Is there a certain type of modern slavery that bothers you more than another type? If you could dream big for a world with freedom, what would that look like?

An Exercise: Design Your "Why"

  • Make a note or use a journal or scratch piece of paper and write at the top of it the LBD.Project's Why: "Because everyone deserves a chance to be free"

  • Spend 2-3 minutes writing out why human trafficking bothers you

  • Write out what you hope for--your greatest dream when it comes to modern slavery

  • Write down a goal - what you wish will change in you and in the world by the end of the LBD.Project 2019 

  • Tape this note to your mirror or set your phone to remind you to read it once a week to keep your eyes on the vision of why you personally are doing the LBD.Project

2.) Set-Up Your Fundraising Page


If you aren't sure if you want to fundraise, you aren't alone! It isn't unusual for participants to choose not to fundraise, but before you make that decision, we really encourage you to think through what is keeping you from doing this. 

Even your ten dollars, and four of your friends' ten dollars can mean the difference between a survivor having that counseling appointment where she has a breakthrough, and where she doesn't. You may not realize the difference your fundraising can make. But some of our partner organizations literally have no money unless trailblazers like us bring it to them. Without us, they can't bring freedom to the modern slaves they are working with. 

Your $50 might seem minimal. But combined with mine, hers, and his, we've raised tens of thousands. Even more surprisingly, it isn't unusual for those who actively try to fundraise to hit the $500, if not the $1000 mark. You don't have to be afraid; you aren't alone. We will guide you!


  • Decide which organization you want to fundraise for.

  • If you want to support a featured org go here

  • If you want to support any of the partnered orgs, go here

  • Click on the dark rectangle which says "CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO <YOUR CHOSEN ORGANIZATION>".

  • This will bring you to the organization's fundraising page. 

  • Click on "Join the team"

  • Sign up and share your link!

  • Save the link in multiple places for easy access, like in a note on your phone to paste wherever

3.) Sharing about the LBD.Project


There is no "right" way to share about what you are doing with the LBD.Project, but this is always one of our participants' greatest concerns. 

We share about the LBD.Project in hopes to start a fire of growing awareness of modern slavery. Because of this, trafficking cases have been recognized and prevention has happened--just from our everyday normal lives! Once you begin to recognize what human trafficking looks like, and where and how it occurs, you too might begin realizing how valuable this knowledge is!


Another thing to remember is that when we are sharing, we always want to start with and come back to our why over and over. If we lose sight of this why when we are sharing, it usually comes out sounding soulless or demanding and bitter.

We might not feel prepared to make a case about human trafficking and we might not feel like we have the answers when people ask us questions—but we don’t have to have those things.

All we have to have is a belief that people should have a chance to be free and we don’t have to justify why. Read this post by our founder about leading with your why: How To Create Human Trafficking Awareness That Actually Compels