raising awareness

We share about the LBD.Project to begin trailblazing paths to freedom. Each time we share, we start a little fire, igniting more people to care and become aware of human trafficking.

Because of people creating awareness through the LBD.Project, human trafficking cases have been recognized and new trafficking cases have been prevented--just from our everyday normal lives!

There is no "right" way to share about what you are doing with the LBD.Project. Just tell your friends, family, and co-workers what you care about and why.

Ways to Raise awareness Online

Most people who participate in the LBD.Project choose to do some of the following to raise awareness:  

  • Take a picture of yourself in your black item daily and share it on social media

  • Daily share the 31 Human Trafficking Facts on social media (we have them in our media kit as pre-made images or you can share from our Facebook page or use a repost app to share from Instagram)

  • Do a live video each week to share from personal experience of what doing the LBD.Project is like for you

  • Write an email to your family and friends (you can use this template) about what you are doing and point them to 31 Days of Human Trafficking Facts or 10 Simple Ways to Fight Human Trafficking

  • Put up the Facebook Cover on from our media kit

  • Use our hashtags, like #LBDProject2019 #LBDProject #Freedomisthenewblack #trailblazefreedom

Raising awareness without the internet

Even if you aren’t online doesn’t mean you can't create awareness! Although you might not have as many people to share with about the LBD.Project and human trafficking, there are still ways you can: 

  • Wear an LBD.Project button or some anti-trafficking swag (like what’s in our store)

  • Always keep some of our flyers with you to put up when you see a bulletin board or ask stores to put them up

  • Print and laminate a square LBD.Project image from our media kit or fliers to hang-up or lay out on your desk at work or on the dashboard of you car

  • Put on a small event for the people closest to you

MethodologIes & Tools

When we are share about the LBD.Project, the best method is to always start with and come back to our why over and over.

If you want to create awareness, but feel tension about it (maybe fearing you would be too loud, too pushy, or maybe you think you are too introverted) we want you to know it is okay. Check this post out if you relate to these worries: Introverts United to End Modern Slavery

Just be yourself, share your story, and be brave. We create awareness so that more people become free!