Knowing Your "Why"

The very first part of the LBD.Project is wrapping your head around why you are even doing it. Sure, you don't like human trafficking, but why not? What would you want to be different? Is there a certain type of modern slavery that bothers you more than another type? If you could dream big for a world with freedom, what would that look like?

An Exercise: How To Make Your "Why"

  • Make a note or use a journal or scratch piece of paper and write at the top of it the LBD.Project's why: "Because everyone deserves a chance to be free"

  • Spend 2-3 minutes writing out why human trafficking bothers you

  • Write out what you hope for--your greatest dream when it comes to modern slavery

  • Write down a goal - what you wish will change in you and in the world by the end of the LBD.Project 2019 

  • Tape this note to your mirror or set your phone to remind you to read it once a week to keep your eyes on the vision of why you personally are doing the LBD.Project

Sharing your Why

If we lose sight of this why when we are sharing about the LBD.Project, it usually comes out sounding soulless, demanding and bitter. We might not feel prepared to make a case about human trafficking, which is okay. But we don't have to defend our why, this belief of ours that people should have a chance to be free.

Read this post by our founder in the HuffPost about leading with your why: How To Create Human Trafficking Awareness That Actually Compels.