Maximizing Your Influence

If you've been reading the 31 Human Trafficking Facts, you know how large and overwhelming the issue of human trafficking is. One of the best parts of the LBD.Project is that it helps normal, everyday people like us do something about something as intimidating as human trafficking.

We might not be able to eradicate human trafficking, but we can maximize our efforts by simply looking at what is in our hands. In the renowned book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, author Stephen Covey guides readers to do a simple exercise to help them respond to the situations around them proactively rather than reactively.

We can approach human trafficking the same way--either reactive, eyes focused on the problem, or proactive, eyes focused on what we can do about it. 

Using this exercise when it comes to the issue of human trafficking helps us be intentional firestarters, trailblazers for freedom. Follow the steps below to look at what you have in your hands that you can bring freedom to modern slaves with.

The LBD.Project was started by our founder looking at what was in her hands: a little black dress.

Exercise: What's in your circle?

  • Take a scrap piece of paper and draw a large circle.

  • On the outside of the circle, on the edges, write "human trafficking." This is outside area is called the Circle of Concern, and essentially represents the problem. 

  • Feel free to put more things in this area around your large circle that bother you about modern slavery, but don't spend too long on it. When we focus on the problem we become overwhelmed and it makes the Circle of Concern feel more prominent.

  • Inside the large circle write "Circle of Influence." This is what we want to focus on! These are areas you have some control or influence over.

  •  Within the large circle, make a list of for people who you are connected with. These might include your family, friends, co-workers, networking relationships, faith community, God, teammates, playdate group, classmates, etc... 

  • Also with the larger circle, make a list of the resources you have. This can include money you can budget to give, business you own, house you have, time you can dedicate, skills you have, etc...

  • Now look your Circle of Influence and consider (or if you are a person of faith, pray) about what you can do with it to help bring freedom to modern slaves.

  • Is there a way you can leverage any relationships or resources you have to create awareness for human trafficking? To fundraise? To advocate? To support our organizations? 

  • Where have you already been proactive with your Circle of Influence and it worked well? Can you do something like that again with what you have to help bring freedom to modern slaves?

  • Have you seen other people do something about human trafficking who have similar relationships and resources? Can you replicate that? (Note: You already are, simply by participating in the LBD.Project!)

  • Draw arrows from the outside of your Circle of Influence through your Circle of Concern to the edge of the paper. These arrows remind us that as we leverage what we already have, our Circle of Influence grows and affects change, reducing (even if just a little) human trafficking.