Week 1: equip yourself

-Where freedom is the new black-

You are the brave one. You are a trailblazer.

We know this because you decided not to look the other way, but instead, you decided to stand against human trafficking, otherwise known as modern slavery. 

We are thrilled that you decided to join us for the LBD.Project 2019. This month, we are going to change a little bit of the world together as we work to bring freedom to modern slaves!

To help you do this, each week you will receive an email with a link to a page like this. These weekly pages will serve as your guide as you walk through the LBD.Project 2019 so be sure you check them out!

Because, don't forget, we are here with you and for you. You aren't alone! 

We are looking forward to boldly trailblazing with you in 2019.

-The LBD.Project Team 

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(Oh yes, we know there are some of you out there who actually forgot what you signed up for and it is just hitting you there was something about March and ending slavery that you should remember . . . If that is you, it's cool. Refresh yourself with this overview of the LBD.Project by Elisa, our founder, to get all fired up again!) >>>>>>>> 


more information & resources coming soon! stay tuned as we get to week 1 of the lbd.project 2019!