You Made It To Week Three, trailblazer! You’ve Mobilized Your LBD.Project and You’ve Maximized Your LBD.Project.

Now Let’s Minimize In it!

We'll make an educated guess that you probably don't own a domestic servant or regularly hit the streets for sex. However, you might unknowingly be adding to demand in other ways. 


Trailblazer, it is time to think of your part in ending demand.

If you've been reading the 31 Human Trafficking Facts, you know how large and overwhelming the issue of human trafficking is. But one of the best parts of the LBD.Project is that it helps normal, everyday people like us do something about an issue as big and intimidating as human trafficking.

Part of this begins with us. It might be surprising, but the truth is that human trafficking exists because of the normal, ordinary people who fuel it. Oppression exists because everyday people don't stand against injustice—which we are starting to do through the LBD.Project. But it also true that it is us, everyday, average people who are creating the demand for modern slaves and exploitation.

This week we challenge you to look at what it means for you to "minimize" your part in demand. We ask you to:

  • Challenge yourself to choose one area where you can practice minimizing the demand that fuels human trafficking

  • Reread your "why" from week one to keep your eyes on the goal 

  • Make sure that you’ve donated $10 of your own to one of the LBD.Project partners this year!

Go Here to Choose Your Path to Minimizing the Demand For Human Exploitation.